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Help Desk Software Simplified

Help Desk Premier is the complete solution for managing all types of customer support issues.  Unlike other support software, we don’t force you into a specific workflow, or even limit the types of issues that you can track.  We recognize that every organization is different, and ticketing software needs to be flexible to meet your distinct needs.

Help Desk Premier offers the ability to create multiple layouts for different types of tickets.  For instance, a ticket that is based on a user’s request to enhance software within your organization may look completely different than a ticket for a critical production problem.  Our customization capabilities allow you to create unlimited templates for different types of customer support situations.

Your Help Desk Software in the Cloud or on your Network

In today’s distributed world, you may need to provide customer service to people around the country or around the world.  Management likely wants quick visibility into the status of issues that are important to them, regardless of where they are at the time.  Your organization’s network may be able to provide 24/7 access to locally installed customer service software, or you may need to host it in order to accomplish this.  We’ve got you covered.

Most products give you only one way to deploy your customer management software; either using their cloud-based hosted version, or installing it on your own network.  You have the one choice, and you stay with that one choice forever, based on the product your select.  With Help Desk Premier, the choice is yours!  You can install our software on your local network, or we’ll host it for you in the cloud.  But you are never locked into a selection.  You can begin by installing Help Desk Premier on your network, and if you decide later to move to the cloud, that’s no problem.  Just give us a call and our expert team of technicians will move you to the cloud in no time.  Likewise you can start on the cloud and decide later to move everything in-house.  The choice is always yours.

Try it for your help desk for free

Help Desk Premier is easy to download and install so you can try it for yourself.  Or you can try our online demo with nothing to download.